DIY: Make Your Own Blog Planner

Happy Monday All,

I’m excited to share a recent project of mine with all you fellow bloggers.

Last week I decided that I needed a better way to organize my thoughts and ideas for blog posts.  Until recently, I had been scribbling my notes haphazardly in a pocket-size notebook. I realized I needed a better planning tool where I could fully flesh out and schedule my posts, compose to do lists, track social media promotion, etc.

The inspiration for this project came Jen’s blog Iheartorganizing.  She created an adorable planner, which she posted on her blog here. In fact, if you like her planner’s layout and design you can purchase the template on her Etsy website.

I ultimately purchased my blog planning templates from another Etsy shop owner because I really liked her variety and color schemes.

Please forgive the mediocre photos below–my camera has quit on me and I can only use my iPhone for the time being. Argh.

DIY Blog Planner
DIY Blog Planner

photo-23 photo-21 photo-18 photo-16 photo-25 photo-14 photo-20

If you like the templates in my planner, you can find them at the Etsy shop Happy Organized Life.  This is a non-editable instant download, but if you want templates that you can edit, there are many options on Etsy.

Happy Organized Life blog templates available on Etsy
Happy Organized Life blog templates available on Etsy

As you can see, my planner is a much more simplified version than Jen’s, but it has already helped me tremendously!

Here’s how simple it is to make your own planner:

  1. Gather your materials.

All you need to make something similar is divider tabs, labels (I love Martha Stewart’s, which you can find at your local Staples), and some cute pens.

divider tabs, labels, pens
divider tabs, labels, pens

2. Decide on a blog template design.

If you’re someone with design skills you can of course create your own templates.  If you’re less artistically inclined, like me, you can find some awesome templates on Etsy (both editable and non-editable depending on your needs).

The one I downloaded from Happy Organized Life includes 12 (yes 12!) different sheets. I liked how comprehensive this downloadable package was.

It includes the following:

  • Post Planner: a detailed sheet to plan your daily posts
  • Series Planner: for planning a series of posts around a specific theme
  • Blog Monthly Calendar: a monthly calendar with space to log weekly posts, advertisers, giveaways, profits and more
  • Weekly Post Planner: for brainstorming your week’s posts
  • Weekly Planner: to help you keep track of your to do’s for your weekly posts
  • Annual Planner: an organized view of your entire year where you can plan monthly themes, etc
  • Monthly Tasks: a place to track your to do’s for each month
  • Social Media Calendar: an easy way to keep track of where you’ve promoted your blog posts
  • Advertising and Sponsors: a tracking sheet for advertisements
  • Contact List: Contact info for followers, sponsors, etc
  • Password Keeper: an easy way to keep track of log-in information for all blog-related websites you use
  • Blog Expenses Sheet: a place to keep track of all your blogging expenses (which comes in handy at tax time)

3. Print desired quantity of template sheets and determine order.

I decided to begin with an annual view, followed by monthly planning sheets, then weekly, etc. I included reference information (i.e. passwords, contacts, etc at the back of the planner).

3. Divide each section using using divider tabs & assemble planner.

I wanted to have my planner spiral bound, but you can use a binder instead if you like. If you decide you would like to bind yours, Staples offers affordable binding services for about $5.00

4. Label & personalize.

And now for the fun part! Label each section of your planner using your own creative flair. I love metallic pens, so I used silver and gold on my sky blue Martha Stewart labels. Let your own personality shine through!

5. Start planning!

Once you have finished accessorizing your planner, you’re ready to switch into planning gear.

Have you come across any awesome blog planners or made one of your own? If so, please feel free to share!

Goodnight and Happy Blogging!


5 thoughts on “DIY: Make Your Own Blog Planner

  1. I’m glad you found it helpful! I started out using my iPhone as well, but I didn’t find it at all easy to organize my posts using that method. I’m finding this to be much more functional. One thing I didn’t mention in my post is that if you don’t want to carry around a large 8.5×11 book, there are Etsy shop owners who offer downloadable half-letter versions as well.

  2. I love organization! I’ve only started blogging, so don’t seem to have the need for as many papers as you’ve outlined here. I am currently using my Google Calendar (online) with the task list on the sidebar and a spiral bound notebook with unlined sheets to doodle my ideas, notes, and plan out my projects in detail. So far, I love this system! ~M.

    • Thank you for sharing your planning method, M! You know, I always forget that Google Calendar is an option and it’s such a great tool! How do you get the task section in the sidebar?

      • On the left side of the page where “My Calendars” is listed, click on the “Task” option and it should pop up on the right side. If you give Google Calendars a try, let me know how it works for you! ~M.

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