Spring Clean Your Life in 10 Steps – Step 1: Prepare Your Garden For Spring

© Diego.cervo | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images
© Diego.cervo | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images

Spring is officially here!

I don’t know about you but with the arrival of spring, I feel a renewed sense of motivation and desire to organize every aspect of my life. That’s where the inspiration for the “Spring Clean Your Life” series came from.

When we hear the term “spring cleaning”, we normally envision the annual exhausting task of deep cleaning our homes. But I’d like to expand the concept to address how we can “clean” and organize several different areas of our lives.

For this post I’ll cover 10 tips for spring cleaning your garden. In the coming weeks I will cover an array of areas that I recommend you address annually.

10 tips for preparing your garden for spring:

Assess Your Tools

Clean and sharpen your gardening tools and take general stock of your inventory.  Purchase any additional items you may need.

Rake dead leaves and twigs

Rake your yard and flower beds and get rid of all the winter debris. If you plan to start a compost, you can set aside your yard waste for later use.

Prune, Deadhead, Weed

Prune your hedges, deadhead your flowers, and cut back ornamental grasses to about 10 inches from the ground.  And weed, weed, weed!

Formulate a plan for new garden additions

Either on your own or working with a landscape architect, design how you would like to develop your garden. Draw a scaled map of your property and plot where you would like different shrubs, flowers, and vegetables to go. Or better yet, try this software from Better Homes & Gardens.

Perform a soil test

Test your soil’s pH levels to determine if conditions are optimal for plant growth. It is important to measure pH because it signifies a plant’s ability to draw nutrients from the soil. Measured on a scale from 1 to 14, 7 is considered neutral.  Most plants prefer neutral (between 6.2 and 7.2).

Service your equipment.

Get your lawn mower professionally checked, change your oil, and have the blades sharpened if needed.

Reseed your lawn

If the harsh winter has taken its toll on different areas of your lawn, now is the time to reseed.

Plant new shrubs and flowers

If you will be adding potted perennials and annuals, wait until the last frost of spring before planting. Here’s a helpful map to check last frost dates.

Mulch and mulch some more

I have to say I truly dislike this step, but it is a necessary (and time-consuming) one. Mulching around trees and shrubs will reduce your landscape maintenance and will also keep your plants healthy. Don’t over mulch though!

Start a Compost Pile

There are different compost bin options you can peruse on Amazon if you would prefer purchasing one to creating your own. But if you don’t need anything fancy, you can find some steps to create your own here.  Add yard waste and food scraps to your compost pile frequently and turn your pile over every so often.

I hope you find these tips helpful!  Stay tuned for part 2 of the “Spring Clean Your Life” Series…


Helpful resource links:

Garden Plans from Better Homes & Gardens

Checking your soil levels

Take a look at Martha Stewart’s helpful Spring Garden Planner 

5 thoughts on “Spring Clean Your Life in 10 Steps – Step 1: Prepare Your Garden For Spring

    • Thanks, Karen! Glad you enjoyed them. I can’t wait to get my garden in good order and see everything bloom 🙂 Our magnolia tree is already flowering.

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