A Charming Weekend by the Sea

Last week I took a much-needed trip to Stonington, CT with my mom. You remember those three crazy days of sales meetings I mentioned in my last post? I needed a couple days of serenity to ramp myself up for the week that lay ahead.

Stonington is a quaint, seaside town in eastern Connecticut that reminds me quite a bit of the tiny town in Maine I spent many a summer visiting as a child.

The inn we stayed at was in front of this pier.
The inn we stayed at was in front of this pier.

We spent some time walking the shop-lined streets…

Source: City-Data
Source: City-Data

…and we happened upon a store that sold all kinds of neat stuff–handmade soaps, antiques, linens, children’s books and toys, cards, and a ton of other stuff. What caught my interest, though, was a bowl at the checkout counter that was full of pewter charms. They’re made by a Nova Scotian company (Basic Spirit), and the bowl had a huge variety of inspirational and motivational words and images on them.

This has been quite a pivotal time in my life full of transition, so I found these charms to be particularly meaningful and I decided to pick a few up.  Here’s what I got:


Each charm has a word on one side and an image on the other.

Mine say:

There’s No Place Like Home






I hope these charms will serve as constant reminders of what’s important to me and what I am working on.


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