Establish a Pampering Ritual: My Goal for the Month of June

Nighttime “pamper me” kit

I will admit it–when it comes to taking care of myself, I’m not exactly the best. I’m a low maintenance, wash-and-go kinda girl who rarely wears makeup or uses a hairdryer. I don’t paint my nails, I get manicures and pedicures once or twice a year on average, and I’m pretty terrible at applying lotion. It’s not that I don’t care about my appearance, but I guess it’s often last on my list of to-do’s when there are so many other demands on my time.

I’ve been lucky enough to have good skin despite the fact that I don’t have a standard daily beauty regimen. But I had an epiphany of sorts the other day and realized I need to show myself a bit more love and indulge myself from time to time. Establishing a pampering routine is not only good for your external appearance, it does wonders for your internal happiness…we all know that if you look good, you feel good. Plus, I realized if I don’t take care of myself, who will?

So I decided that for the entire month of June I would make it my goal to give myself “me time” on a consistent basis. My aim is to devote 15 minutes a night before bedtime to pampering myself.

To create my kit, I first needed to find myself a caddy –I picked up this adorable wooden one from Ikea.

I then spent the morning walking the aisles of Target in an effort to determine what to include in my beauty arsenal–I ultimately decided on the below products (note: I have not tried any of these products before, with the exception of the St. Ives apricot scrub, and including them in my blog does not constitute an endorsement).

I currently alternate between using an organic, all natural soap and Origins Checks & Balances foaming cleanser. I decided to add this exfoliating scrub to my beauty routine to increase circulation and brighten my skin.
I have never used a nighttime moisturizer before, so I thought I would try this one from Yes to Cucumbers. It’s supposed to be suitable for sensitive skin and 98% all natural. According to the bottle, it’s like an overnight spa treatment…sounds good to me!
I don’t moisturize on a regular basis, so my goal is to establish a habit this month. I was drawn to the coconut & orchid scent, which smells absolutely amazing…it’s perfect for summertime.
I have very thick, wavy hair that can be quite unruly at times. This Dove detangler is a leave-in conditioner that can be used after or between washes to detangle, smooth, and defrizz. I’m really excited to try this one out!
I’m on my feet all the time, and they sure could use use a bit of TLC. I’m going to try out this sugar file from Revlon….
….and then follow it up with a refreshing peppermint lotion from Burt’s Bees.

Throughout the month, I’ll include brief posts on my progress, as well as feedback on the products I’ve chosen, so stay tuned!

What about you? Do you have a nightly beauty regimen that you do to unwind and decompress? How do you pamper yourself?


12 thoughts on “Establish a Pampering Ritual: My Goal for the Month of June

    • I tried out the foot lotion and it’s pretty fantastic! It actually has a cooling effect that lasts for quite awhile, which is awesome for these hot summer days..I recommend it if you’re in the market for a new foot lotion 🙂

      • Oh that sounds really awesome, i will have a look what kind of food lotions they sell here in Germany. But i know for sure we do have Burt’s Bees as a brand. Have you tried a cheaper version for the drustore before and if so, did you see & feel the difference??

      • I tried a cheaper one many years ago which I was actually looking for at Target but didn’t locate. I believe it was called Freeman’s or something…I don’t know if they sell it anymore. It’s been years since I used that one, but I don’t recall there being any big difference, accept that the Burt’s Bees lotion was very light and non-greasy. I think the drugstore version was thicker.

  1. I really like to take bubble baths in the winter. It’s the perfect pampering for me. I wish I could go and get massages once a month but unfortunately, that would cost about a million dollars. lol. I think it’s great that you are taking steps to pampering yourself this month. It will be so relaxing.

    • Wow, that’s something I’ve got to try! I love how soft and smooth sitting in a steam room makes my skin…it really does wonders. I’ll have to try the face mask like you mentioned in your blog. Thanks for the feedback 🙂

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