5 Bright Organizing Solutions

Happy Friday All! It’s a rainy one here in Connecticut.

For today’s five Friday “Bright Delights” I thought I would share with you some colorful organizing solutions that I fell in love with. One might say I have a bit of an “obsession” with organizing. It’s what I love to read about when I have downtime and I’m constantly trying to envision how I can organize my home in a more practical and functional way. My fiancé and I bought our home a little over two years ago, and as you homeowners know, it’s always a work in progress! It’s slowly but surely coming along…

Anyway, here are my five faves for this week…hope you find some inspiration for organizing your own space here!

1. From See Jane Work, I adore this collapsible chevron tote that comes in multiple bright colors.


2. Desktop clutter is one of those things I struggle with and that makes me crazy…this apple green organizer from The Container Store corrals small office supplies in a tidy fashion…and it looks cute too!


3. This great space saver from Ikea can be hung on the back of your door and can be used to organize everything from cosmetics in your bathroom to office supplies in your home office. The vibrant flower pattern puts a smile on my face!


4. How awesome is this little modern filing cabinet from Poppin? Even better–it comes in 6 (yes 6!) different neon colors.


From Capri Designs, I’m enamored with this stylish, portable tote and it’s sunny pattern. I think I would create excuses just to tote it around all the time!


Cast your vote for next week’s featured category!


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