Some days are just plain lousy, aren’t they? For those days when life gives you a lot of lemons and you’re angry or upset, feeling disappointed or hopeless, remind yourself of all the good things in your life with a Happy Box. I decided to make this for myself because I can at times be a bit of a glass-half-empty kind of gal, and it can be hard to see the positives beyond the negatives. I think that getting into a habit of negative thinking is a terrible thing, and I don’t want to let myself get pulled under by a sea of discontent.

I have a wonderful life with lots of great people in it, and I thought I would remind myself of that fact on the occasional rough day with my Happy Box. The first step to making my Happy Box was, of course, to find the right box. I had seen this box at Target on my last few trips and was totally smitten with it. It’s bright and just seems….happy! I decided this would be the perfect container to hold all my happy-making items inside.


So what should go inside your Happy Box? Whatever you want. But if you need a bit of inspiration, here are a few suggestions:

Ticket stubs for a movie or concert that brings back good memories
Small, meaningful mementos
An inspiring magazine article
Love notes or poems
Invitations to parties or events


For some inspiration, here’s a little peek at what’s inside mine:


A special candid photo of my mom and me at my engagement party late last year….a motivational card that says “I release all criticism”…

….A ticket to Bridesmaids, which is still probably one of my favorite, feel-good, female power movies….a goofy birthday card from my fiancé about ninjas, which reminds me of he can always make me laugh myself right out of a bad mood….a rose quartz lucky charm….an invitation from my niece’s first birthday, which NEVER fails to put a smile on my face…..


….a picture of the day my fiancé  and I got engaged…some cute “Mr” and “Mrs” pins from my good friend Amy….


….An unexpected card from my mom one day…

….THE cork from the bottle of champagne Jeff used to propose to me….


….and a slew of other things that up my happy factor.

Now–if there’s a time I’m feeling down–I can reach into my closet and pull out my Happy Box to quickly remember all the great things in life…and everything for which I should be grateful.

And don’t forget — this box is an ever-evolving trough of inspiration, love, and…happiness! Keep adding to it as you experience wonderful things in your life.

What would you put in your Happy Box? Have you made something similar?


7 thoughts on “Make a HAPPY BOX

    • It sure is! 🙂 And don’t forget to pick a pretty box to store everything in…mine puts a smile on my face just looking at it. I store it on a shelf in my home office in plain sight so it’s never far away when I need a boost. Enjoy!

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