Best Natural Products for Sensitive Skin – Part 2

For those of you out there who are looking to add more natural products to your skincare regimen, who require natural products because you can’t use parabens and other manmade preservatives, or both, this blog post is for you!

For years now I’ve had sensitive skin that has gotten progressively more sensitive with time. I can fondly recall my high school days where I could use any cheap drugstore product with quick and fabulous results. Somewhere between college and the working world, my skin did a 180 and became a stubborn thorn in my side. I couldn’t find anything that would calm it down, even after repeated visits to the dermatologist (their go-to recommendations Cetaphil and Cera Ve didn’t do a drop of good for me, they just exacerbated my already dismal skin situation). I ultimately determined that the best way to care for my sensitive skin would be to use as many natural products as possible. You can find my first post on recommended natural products for sensitive skin here if you haven’t already seen it.

I’ve always been interested in natural alternatives to skincare, cleaning supplies, etc so I had a pretty good idea of what brands out there were putting out high quality products. I’ve tried a lot of different brands over the years, but there are a few that I keep returning to over and over again because I know that I pretty much can’t go wrong with any of their products. For me, those brands include: Origins, JĀSÖN, The Body Shop, and Lumene.

All products reviewed below are  products that I am currently using. So without further ado, here are my 5 picks for natural skincare products for sensitive skin.

1. JĀSÖN Body Care Satin Shower Apricot Body Wash

This is the perfect body wash for summertime. The apricot scent is absolutely intoxicating and a little bit of this stuff goes a long way. What’s more, at 30 ounces this body wash will last you practically forever. It may be a bit more expensive than your average drugstore body wash, but you will get every penny’s worth. Plus, I’ve never found any other body wash or soap that has made my skin as silky smooth as this does…it really is that good. And it’s free of parabens, sodium lauryl sulfates, and phthalates.


2. Tea Tree Skincare Travel Kit – The Body Shop

When I travel, this is the kit I take with me to care for my skin on the go. I am not the biggest fan of the tea tree scent in general, but I like this set from The Body Shop so much, I don’t mind it. The set includes a clearing facial wash, toner, lotion, and tea tree oil in a cute green mesh cosmetic bag. Tea tree oil, lemon tea tree, and tamanu oil help to control excess oil and shine, and prevent breakouts. Oftentimes I cannot use skincare products that are specially formulated to control acne because they are too harsh.  But I can use this kit on my sensitive skin without any adverse reactions, and it makes my skin smooth and rosy.


3. United State toner – Origins

Its name says it all. This toner for combination skin is intended to balance out your skin into one “united state”. It exfoliates, de-clogs pores, smoothes skins, de-shines oily t-zones, and moisturizes all at once. It’s got soy protein to prevent parching, as well as bergamot, spearmint, and lavender. I love this toner because it calms and cleanses my skin without over drying, like so many other toners out there, and smells phenomenol.


4. Camomile Gentle Eye Makeup Remover – The Body Shop

This eye makeup remover from The Body Shop is one I’ve returned to over and over again over the years. I try others here and there just to see if there’s anything better out there…there isn’t. This is my go-to product for removing mascara, eye liner, and eye shadow in one fell swoop. It is gentle, non-greasy, and actually removes all of my eye makeup, where so many other products I’ve tried have left more behind than they’ve actually removed. It comes in a generous 8.4 fluid ounces, and does not cause any stinging or eye irritation whatsoever.  It leaves my lashes feeling smooth and pampered, where other products have actually pulled my lashes right out. I highly recommend this regardless of whether or not you have sensitive skin.


5. Excellent Future Deep Repairing Eye Cream – Lumene

I happen to love the Lumene line from Finland. Though I had seen the line numerous times at CVS, I really didn’t know much about it. It wasn’t until I began working for a Finnish paperboard company, that I discovered just how amazing Lumene products really are. I received some of their products as a giveaway one year when I attended an event hosted by the Finnish American Chamber of Commerce. I immediately became a Lumene convert. Their products are pricey but they are truly worth it. I love this eye cream from  Lumene, which uses arctic cloudberry, an ingredient Scandinavian people have depended on for centuries to promote health and natural beauty. It contains more than 85% natural ingredients, as well as apple stem cells, which helps skin to repair itself. It’s also paraben-, colorant-, and fragrance-free.


What natural products are you using for your sensitive skin? I would love to hear about them, as I’m always looking for quality products to add to my skincare regimen. I’d also love to hear your recommendations on natural makeup products as well!


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3 thoughts on “Best Natural Products for Sensitive Skin – Part 2

    • Thank you, Rene, glad you enjoyed it. 🙂 As it happens, I AM planning another follow-up piece on skincare products that will outline the best non-toxic options out there, which also happen to be perfect for sensitive skin (since they’re free of the bad chemicals that are in mainstream products on the market). I’ve been doing quite a bit of research lately and learned that a lot of so-called “natural” products are actually just greenwashing. Stay tuned for the post!

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