30 Things I’m Grateful For…Big and Small.

Gratitude. Such an important attitude/approach to living life. For without it, how can we TRULY appreciate everything that we are blessed with?

I’m on a “30” kick since I’ll be hitting that milestone birthday very soon, and today I want to share some of the things I’m most grateful for in life. This is by no means an exhaustive list, and some of these are bit more cheeky than others. But here they are in no particular order. 🙂

1. This blog! It’s made me so much more reflective about all the good things in life, and I want to inspire and motivate others to live their lives more brightly as well.

2. My Health.

3. The unconditional love, support, and encouragement I receive from family.

4. My Body’s RESILIENCE.

5. My ability to feel compassion.

6. My loyal, loving, and uplifting friends.

7. My monthly escape to book club.

8. My home…I never thought I would own a house ever, let alone before 30, and I’m grateful for it every day….even when it feels like a beast to maintain.

9. Being gainfully employed.

10. Having clean drinking water – something that is not considered the norm in much of the world.

11. My beautiful backyard landscaping, courtesy of the toil and generosity of my mom and Jeff.

12. Having a fiancé who equally participates in the upkeep of our home and other chores.

13. Naps. We all need them sometimes!

14. All the children in my life who remind me to take life a bit less seriously, to enjoy the little things, and that there is wonder all around us and we should never stop being curious.

15. My upcoming honeymoon in St. Lucia – I am so looking forward to nearly two weeks of uninterrupted relaxation time with my favorite person.

16. Pinterest for helping me organize my visions for my wedding, style, home, and so many other interests…

17. Food!

18. Inspiring magazines like Redbook, Self, and Better Homes & Gardens, which motivate me to try new things and better myself.

19. My education.

20. My strength.

21. Music. I don’t want to live in a world without it.

22. The kindness of others.

23. Being mentally sound.

24. Laughter.

25. Flowers, the woods, the ocean…natural beauty.

26. Obtaining my black belt in karate. It taught me about the strength of the human body, endurance, respect, and strength of will.

27. Occasional solitude…so important and rejuvenating.

28. The places I’ve traveled to and the different cultures I’ve experienced.

29. Serendipity.

30. Finding the one person in the world who nurtures my soul. For this, I feel incredibly lucky.

I also wanted to share with you several poignant quotes I found on Pinterest about gratitude. I hope you’ll find some meaning in them as well.

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How many things in your life can you think of that you are grateful for?


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