25 Uses for Mason Jars

Do you all love mason jars as much as I do? I mean seriously, they’re one of the most versatile little numbers I’ve ever seen and right now they’re having a moment. They’re no longer relegated only to canning fruits and vegetables…people are coming up with tons of unique ways to use and decorate them.

Just last weekend I bought myself some of the limited edition blue ones from Target (gorgeous, right?), which I’m planning to incorporate as decorative fixtures at my upcoming birthday party.

mason jars


So what are some of the cooler ways you can use the humble mason jar? Here are some of my favorite ideas!

  1. Storing grains, beans, granola, etc in the pantry
  2. As the centerpiece at a wedding, shower, or other gathering
  3. As a favor – e.g. cookie mix, cocoa mix, etc
  4. As a pencil holder
  5. For storing spools of thread
  6. For storing q-tips, cotton balls, and other bathroom odds and ends
  7. Turn it into a soap dispenser
  8. To hold tea bags
  9. To hold small snacks, like granola bars or fruit leather
  10. To gift sweets and cookies
  11. To hold homemade gifts like body scrubs
  12. To corral hair accessories
  13. As a candle holder
  14. A simple vase
  15. Rustic party drinkware
  16. Organizing loose buttons
  17. Manicure in a jar gift
  18. To store homemade laundry detergent
  19. For holding painter’s brushes
  20. To use as a small time capsule
  21. To store loose change
  22. As creative outdoor lighting
  23. Storing matches
  24. As a small flower pot
  25. For securely toting your lunch to work

And to add a little pizzazz to your mason jars, here are some awesome free mason jar printables I’ve come across…

Source: Limeshot Design
Source: Limeshot Design
Source: The Passionate Penny Pincher
Source: The Passionate Penny Pincher
Source: Drifter and the Gypsy
Source: Drifter and the Gypsy


You can find more cool free printables on my Pinterest board


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