15 Must-Have Travel Essentials to Simplify & Comfort

I am a pretty frequent traveler. I travel domestically and internationally for work several times a year, so I would consider myself somewhat of a packing pro. In fact, as I write this post I’m in beautiful, historical Charleston, South Carolina. Over the years I’ve gotten my packing list down to somewhat of a science, and I’ve managed to find several items that have made my travels easier and more comfortable.

Below I’ve outlined 15 items worth investing in for your next trip. Hint: clicking on the image will take you to the item’s origin where you can purchase it.

Functional Carry-on

When I look for a carry-on, I want something that is not bulky, but roomy with lots of compartments, and that is bright so it’s easy to spot. This bag fits the bill perfectly.

pink satchel

Travel Tubes

I like to use travel bottles so that I can take my regular beauty products with me easily. It also means I don’t have to spend money on travel size products every time I go away. I love this bright set…

travel tubes

Jewelry roll

For the longest time I would simply throw all my earrings, bracelets, necklaces and watches into a ziploc bag when I traveled, which inevitably resulted in a tangled mess. Investing in a jewelry roll is one of the best purchases I’ve made and it keeps my jewelry tangle-free and organized.

jewelry roll

Pill case

Instead of throwing a hundred different bottles in my bag, I use a pill case to tote my vitamins. This one from Vera Bradley is adorable, and includes 3 small bottles for dividing up pills.


Travel alarm clock

Maybe it’s just me, but I really don’t like to rely on hotel room alarm clocks or wake-up calls to get me out of bed when I’m traveling. This durable, portable number is a great item to have on-hand…

LCD alarm

Travel Documents Organizer

I try to streamline as much as possible when I’m traveling so I don’t find myself fumbling for important documents and getting yelled at by grumpy TSA agents. Baggalini’s travel document organizer makes it easy to quickly grab your passport, ticket, drivers license, etc when you need them.


Cozy Scarf

Airplanes are notoriously chilly so I like to bring layers with me so that I can keep warm and comfortable. A soft scarf is a must.


Comfy slip-ons

I’m a proponent of slip-on flats when I travel so that I can easily remove them when I go through security, and can kick them off when I settle in on the flight. Clarks are super-comfy.


Hand Sanitizer

Let’s face it — airports and planes are some of the germiest places around. This all natural sanitizer helps me to keep germs at bay.

hand santizier

Storage for your “personal” items

What a brilliant idea — enough said.


Lip Salve

A lip balm is a must for me, as I always find that my skin dries out when I fly. Smith’s Rosebud Salves is absolutely AMAZING and soo soothing.


Hand Lotion

Same goes for my hands. Aveda’s Hand Relief lotion is one of the best lotions I have ever used (and I’ve tried many!). It not only smoothes, it has a wonderfully calming scent.


Comfy Socks

It’s great to have a pair of socks on hand so that your feet stay warm during your flight. There’s nothing worse than enduring a long flight with cold feet; I’ve done it and it feels like an uncomfortable eternity.


Light reading

I’m a big reader so I always bring along at least one book when I travel, preferable something light. I recommend Maria Semple’s Where’d You Go, Bernadette. It’s a quick, comical, and engaging read.



I always travel with a notebook because I never know when an idea might pop into my head.


Bon Voyage!


P.S. I love Michelle Lea’s packing list below, which you can download via this link on her website.

packing list


Rebecca Cretella

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