Reusable Bags that Rock

Hi Hi!

I missed the last couple installments of my “Bright Delights” series…so sorry!

One thing I associate with the fall is Farmer’s Markets! And what’s one thing you must bring with you to the Farmer’s Market? Your reusable tote, of course 🙂 This week I’m sharing my top 5 picks for bright bags. I want one of each immediately!

I’m in love with these personalized tote bags from the bioME5 Etsy Shop…V is for Vampire Bat, Q is for Quokka, T is for Tiger, Y is for Yapok, and so on and so forth. Absolutely adorable.



I also like this geometric tote from the GeometricElectric Etsy Shop. Funky!



I’m also digging Flip & Tumble’s line of 24-7 bags…look at all the color options!



I like Envirosax’s Optimistic 4 Pack as well — for the happy colors AND the price. Wow, can’t beat it.



Last, but certainly not least, I love the Vita Solstice Collection from ChicoBag…there’s something so calming and zen about the colors in this collection.



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