10 Must-Keep Wedding Day Items for your Memory Box


Well Hello Again 🙂

Another work week come and gone…I hope it treated you well!

As many of you may know, back in early November I got married. It was truly one of the best days (if not THE best) of my life; one that I never want to forget. That night, I remember trying very hard to stay in the moment as much of the time as I could. But of course, I found it hard to stay completely in the moment the entire time.

You try to absorb the sights and sounds, but there are moments that blur as the night rushes on.

You want it all to stand still but time gallops ahead at its steady pace.

And so you hire a photographer to freeze those beautiful moments in time, and you hire the videographer to record those spoken snippets that the photographer cannot…the wedding march, the exchange of vows, the joyful applause as the audience observes the first kiss, the best man’s speech, the laughing guests, the clinking glasses, and the beat of the music. The photographer and the videographer help to rebuild the night for you so that you can experience it all over and over again.

And yet, I think there’s something to be said about keeping a few tangible treasures from that perfect day to look back on in the year’s to come, and to share some day with children and grandchildren.

That is why I would recommend that you make yourself a wedding box. It’s easy to do! Just ask your wedding day coordinator to collect some items of your choosing at end of the night, which can be handed over to your mom or Maid of Honor for safekeeping. After all the hustle and bustle of the wedding dies down, you can look through your items and decide how you’d like to store them for safekeeping.

I’m a pretty sentimental person, so I decided to do just that. But before I share what my box contains, first I’d like to share the top 10 items you should keep from your big day.

10 Must-Keep Wedding Day Items

  1. Your invitation
  2. Your ceremony program–if you decide to have one. Sadly there were none of mine left over…
  3. Wedding day paper: place cards, table numbers, other cute signage
  4. A wedding favor
  5. The MOH and best man’s speeches — my MOH is still currently holding mine hostage, as she’s just gone through a move, but I will obtain it at some point 🙂
  6. Ringbearer pillow
  7. Flowers or a charm from your bridal bouquet
  8. Wedding cake topper
  9. Your “something blue” – in my case, that was my bridal clutch
  10. Wedding day card from your husband — since I also have a Happy Box, mine isn’t in this box at the moment, but it’s something you’ll definitely want to re-read and re-read again to relive that magical day, and remember the anticipation you felt before you said “I do”….

My original plan for storing my keepsakes was to use my wooden wedding card box, but I quickly realized that it simply wasn’t big enough to fit everything I wanted to remember.

What I used instead was this lovely little silver box from Target (10×10″), which fits all of my wedding items just perfectly. I could have made a box myself, but this one jumped out right at me from the aisle (AND was under $8!) Plus, the silvery-gray color happened to coordinate with my wedding colors.

Let’s take a peek inside…


My wedding day clutch

Burlap card box banner

Bridal shower banner (not technically from the wedding day but I love, love, love it!)

DSC_0041…along with a framed photo of my papa (who I miss every day) that hung from my bouquet…


Wedding signage: In Memory, Sign Our Guest Book, Instagram our Wedding 

DSC_0046 DSC_0049

Reserved for the Bride & Groom Sign & Table Numbers


Ringbearer pillow



Our wedding favor was a leaf-shaped bookmark nested in a rustic muslin bag (we got married in the fall and both love to read) 


Wedding Invitation


Cake topper


And there you have it! Have any of you done anything similar? If so, I’d love to see what you did!

Have a great weekend all!

Rebecca Cretella

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