7 Little Ways to Inspire Yourself Daily

Hi there,

Happy Presidents’ Day to you! I’ve been making use of this lovely day off by painting the kitchen with my husband and making a number of other tweaks here and there to the house…we’ve owned it for nearly 3 years now and little by little our house is becoming more of a home.

I find it immensely gratifying when I complete a house project large or small, don’t you? It’s such a satisfying feeling of accomplishment. My home is my sanctuary and I’m slowly but surely making the adjustments and updates to make it more of that peaceful oasis I envision in my head.

While on this quest of mine, I’ve realized that sprinkling cheery items throughout the house to motivate and inspire me really does wonders for my peace of mind. Below are 7 little household items to give you a dose of daily inspiration.

1. Motivational Mug


2. Carpe Diem pillow



3. Dwell in Possibility print

dwell in possibility


4. LOVE word bookends

Love Bookends
Love Bookends


5. Create Mousepad

create mousepad


6. iPhone case


7. Life is short coasters



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