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Happy Tuesday One and All,

How are you faring through this last week of February?

You may recall that I mentioned a couple weeks back that I recently started learning Adobe Illustrator and I’m currently taking the Illustrator 101 class offered via Nicole’s Classes (I’m loving it, by the way). I’ve been enjoying creating lots of fun inspirational prints and thought I’d share one with you today. It’s one of my favorite quotes spoken by one of my favorite poets, Walt Whitman.


Download it, frame it, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. 🙂

Rebecca Cretella

Remember to Flex Your Creative Muscle Regularly


Well hello again,

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend…sure flew by, didn’t it?

Last week I started taking a course on using Adobe Illustrator and this is one of my first attempts at using it. 🙂

Take this to heart…letting your creative juices flow can do wonders to increase your happiness, energy, and outlook on life. Creativity can mean so many different things and can be as simple as writing in your journal or trying out a new recipe. What’s your favorite way to be creative? For me, writing (on this blog, writing articles, etc) is always my favorite way to express myself, but I also love to craft, cook, come up with creative storage solutions, scrapbook, and so much more.


Rebecca Cretella

Leave Today’s Nonsense Behind, Tomorrow is a New Day



Hi All!

Though this post is short and sweet, it’s something I really feel compelled to share. This former English major (yup, me) read quite a bit of Emerson in college, and I am a huge proponent of his insights and musings. I came across this long forgotten quote (above) and it gave me some renewed resolve to end each day with a clean slate and begin anew the next day. It does us no good to hold onto the challenges, tribulations, hurts, and “absurdities” of today. The best thing we can do for ourselves is  acknowledge, move on, and begin tomorrow serenely and in high spirit.

I’ll leave you with that thought tonight. 🙂

Oh, and Happy Birthday, Mom–I love you, and this quote seems like something that would come from your lips.

In 2014 I’m Making Goals Not Resolutions

Happy Tuesday!

Does anyone else feel like it’s later in the week than it actually is? I’m suffering from that today.

In my last post I shared my list of what was pleasing in 2013. Today I’m sharing my goals for 2014 with you. I decided this year that I don’t want to make “resolutions” anymore…even though resolving to do something connotes dedication, perseverance, and a certain level of intensity, to me it also has a bit of a negative undertone. The word “goal” personally gives me a more positive feeling.

So without further ado, here’s my list of goals in 2014. Are any of my items also on your list for the year? Do any of these particularly resonate with you?

Rebecca Cretella


What Was Pleasing in 2013

Hello Friends,

These past few days sped by. I’ve been consumed with settling back in to work, putting away Christmas decorations, unpacking clothes, doing copious loads of laundry, following up with United about our bags, and looking into changing to my married name—just to name a few things. 🙂

Today I want to share with you a little project I worked on last night—I created a new printable that I hope you will find useful.

At the beginning of each new year, I like to take some time to reflect on what went well and didn’t go so well the previous year. I think it’s a great exercise because it forces you to think about and appreciate the positive things in your life (and I’m always trying to become a person who sees the glass as half full), and it can motivate you to work harder to achieve what you may not have achieved that year in the new year.

However, in this hectic rat race we live in I find that I often forget the accomplishments, events, and memories that are worth holding onto. I know my memory is already not what it used to be (I blame it on over-stimulation and being constantly pulled in 20 different directions), so I thought, why don’t  I create a printable where I can write down and file my thoughts on the previous year? How nice would it be to look back upon these reflections over time to see how I’ve grown and what I’ve accomplished?

So I created this printable called “What Was Pleasing in 2013” to reflect on this past year…


…and I did a bit of soul-searching about what made 2013 pretty great.

Side note: for me, even though I got married and a lot of other wonderful things happened, I found it to be a particularly difficult year, one where I struggled with how to advance myself and be my happiest, and where I often felt hopeless because I ran into blockades time and time again.

I don’t mean to depress you, I do actually have a point here. My point is that when I looked back at what I wrote down last night I realized that there were so many great things to be grateful for in 2013!

Here’s what I wrote (since it’s a bit hard to read above):

  • I turned 30 – I’m officially a “big girl”!
  • I married the most amazing guy I know.
  • I had my little brother back in the US for 6 months and we got the chance to catch up a lot.
  • I completed a 21-day cleanse with my best friend & husband.
  • I bought a new car – something I never dreamed I would do!
  • I  published several articles in local magazines.
  • I hired a personal trainer and got fit.
  • I built a new home office (my prid and joy) with my hubby.
  • I started this blog in March…
  • And then had nearly 30,000 hits by the end of the year!
  • My best friend and I restarted our horror blog
  • …and then Homespun Weddings, our Etsy business where we make and sell whimsical wedding decor. You can “like” us on Facebook here.
  • My husband was inducted into our high school’s Hall of Fame (I’m such a proud wife!)…
  • ….and finished grad school….
  • ….and passed his exit exam!
  • I started a “rainy day” fund.
  • Jeff and I celebrated 5 years together.
  • Then we went to St. Lucia
  • ….on our long-awaited and much-anticipated honeymoon!
  • I got a drastic haircut (which I love).
  • I read more books thanks to book club…
  • ….and developed great friendships in the process.
  • I got the new Nikon camera I’ve been dying for.

I’m going to stow this away in my Happy Box, where I can refer to it when I need a little boost. I’ll also be sharing my 2014 goals with you very soon, and I hope we can inspire each other to make 2014 the most meaningful one yet!

If you feel like doing this exercise, feel free to download a PDF of “What Was Pleasing in 2013” here.

Rebecca Cretella


Would you mind taking 30 seconds to fill out the attached survey? I would love to know what posts you want to see more of in 2014—thanks and have a great Tuesday!

10 Small Ways to “Live Life Brightly” Each Day

Hello Friends!

It’s so good to be back here again–I’ve missed you and I’ve missed this place for sharing thoughts, inspiration, and ideas.

Jeff and I were married last weekend, which was absolutely magical. People told me to savor every moment because the day would go by so quickly…and they were right! We enjoyed the day with our friends and family, and just celebrating our union….we had such a wonderful time. So now I’m a “Mrs.”, the wedding planning is over, and I can get back to writing on this here blog. 🙂

What I want to share with you today is something that is very close to my heart, and something I’m continually trying to focus on each day. In fact, it’s basically the inspiration for my blog. How can I live life a little brighter each day, and get as much out of it as possible? I don’t want to just drift in and out of days, going from routine to routine. Like our wedding day, I want to savor every moment and find the joy in the little things.

Here are 10 ways to do exactly that. Some of them may be pretty obvious, but nonetheless, we sometimes need to be reminded to do even the most obviously beneficial things.

Try them out. I promise you that you will not only feel happier, more satisfied…you’ll also feel more full of life.


1. Take a moment to be grateful – There’s a quote I came across awhile back and posted on my blog and I think it’s amazing. It’s something we should all repeat to ourselves each day and aspire to do. Here’s the quote:

“Talking about our problems is our greatest addicition. Break the habit. Talk about your joys.”  ~Rita Schiano

No truer words were ever spoken. Try to live your life with a glass half full attitude. Don’t fixate on the negative, fixate on the positive. Think about everything that’s going well in your life and be grateful. I did a little exercise awhile back in preparation for my 30th birthday where I came up with 30 things I’m grateful for–check them out here.

2. Get outside – So many of us are not getting outside at all, especially during our workday, and we forget that being outdoors gives us two very important things: exercise and Vitamin D (think: the sun). We are human beings, we need these. Without them, we start to feel lethargic, depressed, weighed down. Taking 15 minutes to get outside for a brisk walk, or even just to bask in the sun for a little while, can have a huge effect on you.

3. Take a half hour to do something you love – You are important! We all give ourselves excuses for not taking the time to satisfy our own needs…we think our needs should take a backburner to everything else in our lives. We have work deadlines, we need to help the kids with the homework, we’ve got laundry to do, we’ve got meals to cook, there’s no time left over to do something for ourselves!

I say hogwash!

This is something we need to make time for (no arguments!)…because if we don’t, we are hurting ourselves. Our souls are like flowers that need to be watered and doing something that you enjoy helps your soul to flourish.

What makes me happy? Writing on this blog makes me happy. Working to develop my new Etsy business with my best friend makes me happy. Cooking a new recipe makes me happy. Reading a book or magazine makes me happy. Taking a bath makes me happy. Watching a scary movie makes me happy. Writing articles makes me happy. Playing around on Pinterest makes me happy. You get the idea.

Now I’m not saying that you must do this each day. Of course, that’s ideal, but we are all busy and on an especially frenetic day that doesn’t allow for it, it’s okay to skip it. Don’t see it as a failure if you do. Just remember to hop back on the wagon tomorrow. And remind yourself of how wonderful you feel after you’ve spent that half hour doing what you’ve been doing. That’s reason enough for me to keep up the good habit!

4. Eat a little more slowly – Many of us, myself included, tend to scarf down our meals in about five minutes and then hop up from our chairs and rush off to do the next thing. Try not to do this. Eating is another pocket of time where you can, and should, allow yourself to relax. Savor every bite of your food, don’t just mindlessly stuff your fork in your mouth. Take the time to listen to your body naturally tell you it’s full. Take the time to connect with others if you’re eating with them.

5. Kiss and hug those you love! – This is such a big one, and gives both immediate satisfaction and prolonged satisfaction to you and to the one you’re being affectionate with. Kiss your husband as much as possible. Hug your children and your friends. Heck, nuzzle your dog! You’ll both reap the benefits of such caring actions. You’ll feel loved and appreciated…and we could all use more of that in our lives, right?

6. Learn something new – Stimulate and exercise that mind of yours a bit. There is a vast sea of knowledge out their at our very fingertips, and life is short. Take a few moments each day to add something “new” to your catalog of knowledge.

7. Call a loved one – Connect, connect, connect! And I don’t mean via Facebook or any other impersonal outlet where the other person isn’t hearing your voice or seeing your face. I recommend picking someone each day. A simple 15-minute talk with your mom, grandma, best friend, college roommate, sister – whoever – will keep you connected and close in a chaotic world where relationships are so hard to maintain.

Take a cue from this little guy
Take a cue from this little guy


8. Laugh – Nothing makes you feel happy and satisfied like a big old belly laugh, and the happiest people laugh often and wholeheartedly. So do what you need to do to get some quality laugh time each day, whether that’s watching something funny on t.v., reading a funny book, playing with your child, you get the gist!

9. Take care of yourself – This point is two-fold. Take care of your body by moving those muscles and breaking a sweat–this is an obvious one that we all know we should be incorporating into our lives every day. But also, pamper your body a little bit each day. You deserve it! Spend a few extra minutes before bedtime savoring lotioning up, brushing your hair, washing your face, using products that make you feel good. Remember what I said in point 3: you are important. Take a cue from my nightly pampering ritual for some ideas!

10. Help someone with no expectations or strings attached – That’s right, no strings attached. Do something for someone just because. Buy coffee for the person behind you in line at the cafe. Help an older lady to her car with her groceries. Help a friend with a move. Help prepare a Thanksgiving meal for someone who might otherwise not have one. Help a child build a puzzle or your neighbor rake the leaves (my husband did this last week!). In short, be kind to those around you. Others will appreciate the gesture or action, and each small action for another will boost your own happiness as well.

10 small, but gratifying, ways to make your life a little brighter each day…I think they’re worth a try, don’t you?


Rebecca Cretella