Remember to Flex Your Creative Muscle Regularly


Well hello again,

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend…sure flew by, didn’t it?

Last week I started taking a course on using Adobe Illustrator and this is one of my first attempts at using it. 🙂

Take this to heart…letting your creative juices flow can do wonders to increase your happiness, energy, and outlook on life. Creativity can mean so many different things and can be as simple as writing in your journal or trying out a new recipe. What’s your favorite way to be creative? For me, writing (on this blog, writing articles, etc) is always my favorite way to express myself, but I also love to craft, cook, come up with creative storage solutions, scrapbook, and so much more.


Rebecca Cretella

Leave Today’s Nonsense Behind, Tomorrow is a New Day



Hi All!

Though this post is short and sweet, it’s something I really feel compelled to share. This former English major (yup, me) read quite a bit of Emerson in college, and I am a huge proponent of his insights and musings. I came across this long forgotten quote (above) and it gave me some renewed resolve to end each day with a clean slate and begin anew the next day. It does us no good to hold onto the challenges, tribulations, hurts, and “absurdities” of today. The best thing we can do for ourselves is  acknowledge, move on, and begin tomorrow serenely and in high spirit.

I’ll leave you with that thought tonight. 🙂

Oh, and Happy Birthday, Mom–I love you, and this quote seems like something that would come from your lips.

It Takes Courage…

Hi All,

I hope you’re all enjoying this holiday weekend however you’re spending it. I’ve unfortunately had an unremitting headache since last Tuesday, but I’ve still managed to have a wonderful weekend. I spent yesterday picking out a design for my mom’s dress for the upcoming wedding, then today celebrating the baptism of a good friends’ baby, and some social time at a Memorial Day party this evening.

I had to share this framed quote that I found on Etsy with all of you because it’s so apropos right now. In fact, yesterday my mom and I were talking together over lunch about this very thing….

Graphic Design Typography from Etsy shop Splendid and Sound
Graphic Design Typography from Etsy shop Splendid and Sound

e.e. cummings happens to be a favorite poet of mine, who I studied quite extensively in my college poetry classes–however, I somehow never knew this quote before today.

I’ve been wrestling with this very situation in my life right now of trying to figure out who I am meant to become, what my purpose is, and how I can achieve it. I have so many interests in my life–so many passions–and I’ve felt that so many of them were just pipe dreams that I could never make a reality. My amazing mom talked some sense into me yesterday and made me realize that I’m made to do some great things, and I just need to have a little faith, courage, and perseverance. It was a real eye-opener and really inspired me to rethink my goals in life. Aren’t moms the best?

Are any of you in a similar boat?